UT Null Radar

Project: Null Radar v3.0
Coded By : Null`
Site : http://www.ddeath.net


I added a few fixes to crashing, fixed the performance a bit, fixed a few bugs on TCC and SafeGame, and added a projectile radar. For example, when someone shoots a shock combo from around the corner, you will see the boundingbox show up on the combo with the projectile named. This also works with flak, rockets, and anything else classified as a projectile.


SafeGame 101 Beta 7b
AntiTCC 119 Beta 26


Tactical Ops: Cross Fire


Radar Numpad0
Healthbars Numpad1
Skinhack Numpad2
Wireframe Numpad3
Wallhack Numpad4
2dRadar Numpad5
Projectile Radar *NEW* Numpad6
Enemy Drawing Only Numpad7


Rename Null Radar v3.0.exe to something else if you still have precache enabled (if you don't know if you do or don't - you still have it enabled). A good example would be Brownies.exe, ect. Open up Brownies.exe, click ok on the messagebox. It is now waiting for ut2004.exe to show up in your process list. As soon as it is found, it will automaicly injected. Join a game, and as soon as your player spawns the gui will show up. Then use the keys listed above to toggle the options on and off. You have to manually ctrl + alt + delete out of the proccess "Brownies.exe" if you wish for it to not load anymore. I hope you enjoy my release. Go crazy, clanners


nForce (Loader)
Fene36 (Helping me with Bugs)
BFH (2d Radar)
Achy (testing, ideas)
All of DD (My family, and being there if help / ideas were needed, and some coding)
x22 (headers)


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Anonymous said...

real nice radar bot. thanks ddeath!!